Frequently asked questions
Is this country safe?
Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world. The policemen are quite friendly to the tourists. As a foreigner or a visitor you are very unlikely to experience any serious problems. This country also didn't experience serious earthquakes or destructive floods for last 101 years. Here, no gunmen or hijackers exist at all and no vaccination required for entry from any country.
When is the best time to visit Mongolia?
Mongolia experiences some of the harshest climatic conditions on earth ranging between the two extremes. Temperatures in winter go down to minus 40 degrees Celsius while they could reach 40 degrees hot in summer. Even in the middle of the winter, the sun will shine and the sky will be bright blue. Otherwise early May to the end of June July to September is also a great time to come and visit us. The famous Naadam Festival take place during that same time and is interesting to watch Naadam festival. The rivers start to become navigable from May onwards where it is then possible to do some canoeing, kayaking white water rafting and fly fishing. All of those activities are available from Tourism they are a great way to visit the true Mongolia.
To come in Mongolia in winter can also be a fun experience, it is cold and the days are short but the countryside is breathtaking in its beauty when it is covered with white snow and everything seems relaxed and you will find a pleasant place of life.
How about accommodations?
The European standard hotels are available in the capital Ulaanbaatar. The quality of the facilities, services and food generally increases with price. In the countryside, there are a few hotels mostly of a poorer standard in province centers, although most tourists stay in specially constructed ger-camps. These camps provide accommodation in the round felt dwellings used by nomads and usually have separate toilet, washing and restaurant facilities. What is the quick and easy access to Mongolia?
Transport to and fro Mongolia is usually by air or train. Flights are run all year round by MIAT (Mongolian Airlines) to and from Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. Aeroflot, Korean Air and Air China are also operating flights. During the tourism season, MIAT runs extra flights between Ulaanbaatar and Hong Kong, Singapore and Osaka. You also can travel to and from Mongolia by train. The Trans-Mongolian Express Train (not Trans-Siberian) takes a few days to travel from Moscow or Beijing.
How do I get a Mongolian visa?
Visas for leisure travel to Mongolia are quite easy to get, usually granted for a one month’s stay. We can give you visa related support.
How about the Mongolian dish and do we eat Mongolian food throughout the trip?
Foreign people think that Mongolian food is highly dependent on meat and diet. It is not wrong, but it is not right. Traditional Mongolian dishes are considered as heavy as they consist plenty of meat Indeed all hotels and tour camps mentioned in the tour itinerary offer you both Mongolian and Western style dishes. We are sure that you will enjoy rich Mongolian food culture and traditional dishes with its unique, natural and delicious flavor. We recommend you to let us know what is your food preference and any allergic food items.
How to exchange currency?
It is very straightforward to exchange most major currencies for tugrug in Ulaanbaatar, either at banks or exchange centers. Outside the city, however, it’s not so simple and the only currency you stand any chance of exchanging is US dollars. It is quick and simple to cash traveler’s checks at bank branches, and even at some of the larger hotels in Ulaanbaatar.